I spent last Saturday with a couple heading from Canada to an overseas appointment.  I’d tell you where, but the politics of the region they are heading to makes it dicey to even mention it by name.  I was impressed with them.  No I take that back, I was really impressed with them.

They are mid 30’s, a number of kids.  They are actively involved in their home church.  She teaches.  He’s been on church leadership teams.  They are serving as a couple in a few key ministry areas.  From a career standpoint, he has a great job in the company he works with.  He’s at the high managerial level and has shown competencies in looking after a huge staff, running some complex operations, and making money.  She’s high energy with her own personal side business.  Just listening to them talk made me smile.  Such energy.  Too bad it’s wasted on the young.

They made a comment that stood out during the discussion time.  When asked about “why” they’d give up what they were doing they expressed some internal dissatisfaction with working with churched, professing, even sincere Christian folks, when there are literally hundreds of 1000’s of people that have absolutely no awareness of Jesus.  So, their plan is to relocate, learn a language, start making contacts and connections, establish a business for sake of legitimacy, and do their best to see the church of Jesus extended into people a people group that have no awareness of Jesus.  Wow.  That was so noble.

I spoke with their pastor.  He had kind of a pained grin on his face as we talked.  On the one hand, he was pointing out to me that his church was giving up the cream of the crop from their congregation.  He was proud of that and he wanted me to be aware of how sacrificial it was to them.  I responded to that.  But he also had a twist in his grin because he realized his congregation was saying good bye to some cream from their congregation.  I responded to that too.  It’s not easy giving up good people.  But their church is behind this endeavour.

You wonder what’s working in the deep recesses of people’s souls that would cause this kind of mid life move?  I probed gently because sometimes when people “move”, they are moving “from” something as well as “to” something.  This case was clearly a deep sense of “call”.  It was the repeat of Acts 13:1,2 when the Holy Spirit spoke into a group of ministering servants and invited a couple of them to leave their ministry team to go to a task that requires dislocation and relocation.  It’s no small thing.  It’s a God thing.

It was a great way for me to spend a Saturday.