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It takes time to be creative.   Because I am quick thinker and can usually improvise well on my feet, I know I have gone into situations with minimal preparation and pulled it off.    Sometimes it really is good and other times it has the sound of a yogurt container opening and spilling onto the floor in front of the fridge.    And usually my armpits tell me how stressful it really was.   I hate those other times. 

My argument today is to invite preachers to take the time to communicate well.  I know we have an abundance of tasks to do and speaking to the people of God is a big one of many others.  But often it gets left til Saturday a.m. , aft, or  pm…or even Sunday a.m.  It’s hard to be creative when you start late in the game. 

When you invest into the homily you have opportunity to be creative and provocative and thoughtful and really much more in tune with the people of God.   If on Monday you have a clear picture of where you want to be on Sunday it’s amazing how much of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are just research for the homily.  Listening to other great preachers isn’t cheating…it’s what you hope your people will be doing when they gather with you.    Reading something inspirational is intended to inspire you.  How can that be bad?  I like hearing from an inspired preacher. 

What does God want said the next time I get up to speak?  I guess I’d better find out.  If it comes through your soul it will be amazingly soulish. 

My latest musing?  “If God be for us, who can be against us?”.   If I read that line accurately, it says “God is FOR us”.  Taken egocentrically, narcissistically, selfishly it could be misconstrued into another opportunity for idolatry.  Idolatry of the worst magnitude.  Worshipping other gods is a big no-no, but worshipping yourself is far more insidious.  But it says, “God is FOR us”.   My theology kicks in to understand it is not an end in itself but rather a means to an end.  God is FOR us so that we can be FOR Him.  But the simple truth is–He’s FOR us.