I sat in a church service a while back and felt sorry for the preacher. He was playing in the worship team (not leading), meeting people/guests as they came to church, did a bang up job welcoming people and bringing church announcements near the front edge of the gathering time, was definitely in touch with the power point/sound people, and then he got up to preach. To be honest with you, I think he was tired before he even got to the pulpit. He had expended a lot of creative, people-energy. And it makes me wonder, is that why his sermon sounded tired? He’d just given too much away.

It caused me to think, is it fair to say that the main job of the preacher is to preach (not just on Sunday mornings, but let’s start there). I am not trying to corral preachers but rather liberate them for what they are designated as.



PS if the main job of the preacher is to preach…what is the main job of a district minister? What is the main job of an executive director? Perhaps it is reductio ad absurdum but it’s a viable question.