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Taken from my journal at a recent pastors’ prayer retreat…

“Lord, I am to sit quietly for a half hour signifying the silence that occurs in heaven when your presence is introduced to the people. Silence? As a response? Not a round of thunderous applause? But silence? Lord, I am awestruck by you into silence. You enter into our lives with power, and dignity and glory. And I stand amazed.

Pastors’ prayer retreat is a momentum building time. it starts slow but gathers speed. The first half day requires us to walk together and find our pace. We sing, we pray collectively, we pray silently. We invite you to come visit your people with power and presence, strength and joy, fullness and singularity. We await O Lord and we invite it.

Here with us today are men and women from close to 2 dozen different churches (more?). Diversity abounds but there is a unity of spirit. Delightful it is.

Silence–does not mean “nothing”. It does mean NO conversation. But my voice still races inside my head. It’s talking and verbalizing. Funny how silence can draw a room together.