My organization graciously granted me a “3 month sabbatical” after 8 years of continuous service.  I was surprised at how quickly they approved it and how adamant they were about me taking it.  I have known the board to be a kind bunch over the years but their insistence that I engage it this fall was unusually directive for them

Part of it is sensitivity to my needs.  The press and stress of the last season have been palpable and observable.  I think my own operating ability has dropped and they see this as a way to recharge my batteries.  Part of their insistence is self serving too.  Replacing key leadership people is really a challenge.  If you have one, and he’s competent, you might want to try to hang on to him rather than have him hang himself. 

If you had 3 months to renew and recharge where would you invest your life?  For me it’s renewal on the personal level and the corporate level. 

On the personal level I look forward to resting more by getting better sleep habits going and better physical exercise patterns operating.  I hope to renew my spirit by reading more and writing a little more.  Through engaging good authors I want to find my soul quickened and enlivened.  I would like to find a few kindred spirits for contributive convesations.  We’ll see how that works. I have a list of authors that have been kind to me over the years and I look forward to renewing my acquaintance with them. 

On the corporate level, I know that this sabbatical is intended to restore me to good health and energy to lead the organization I am part of.  I am expected to come back to work ready and willing and able.  So, I plan to do some reading about corporate health and wellness.  Our organization is tired and facing the stretch marks of its midlife.  It too needs renewal and reinvigoration. It is good to have time and occasion to deliberate in this area. 

What would you do if you had a chance for a sabbatical for a season?