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It’s Saturday night here.  The week has rolled by and Sunday comes again tomorrow.  I find my life is defined by Sundays.  Often when I try to figure out a calendar date I figure it in connection with a Sunday because I know the Sunday dates more than any others.
Last Sunday we were part of the United Methodist congregation here.  We will return there tomorrow.  Over the years we have visited several local congregations.  The Southern Baptists were just too Southern Baptist.  The local Bible Church was just too “Bible”. (lots of good content but precious little ointment of the Spirit).  The independent Baptist was scary.  We had thought we were Presbyterian and had actually been part of the Presbyterian fellowship on 3 or 4 occasions. We liked the preacher but I could tell he was frustrated by his people.  He was an early 40’s evangelical with lots of energy for gospel…but I don’t think his people shared the same passion.  I commented last year to my wife that “he’s angry with his flock” after one sermon.  He had scolded them about country club faith and the need for Jesus-faith.  When we arrived here last week I scanned their website and found out that “he’s not there any more”.  So, we moved to consider the Methodists.
On a personal note, I have been reading and thinking in the area of personal faith.  I have been thinking about my own faith, my own trust in Jesus. My wife and I have had a few good talks about it.  She is going through a very strong, demanding, insistent phase where she prays specifically and expects God to listen to her.  And if things don’t materialize as she prays, she is dismayed even angered.  Me?  I am caught up more in the old black gospel spiritual tradition where I “just believe”.  I don’t have a lot of knowledge for the particulars but I do believe that God is in control and will work it out.  I was listening to some old gospel music earlier this evening–“people get ready, there’s a train a coming…all you need is faith to get on board”.  I find that kind of simple, trusting stance to be calming, warming, and strengthening.  Lord, I do believe.

Consider Curtis Mayfield’s contemporary gospel offering of “People Get Ready” at

Lyrics to People Get Ready:

People get ready, there’s a train comin’
You don’t need no baggage, you just get on board
All you need is faith to hear the diesels hummin’
You don’t need no ticket you just thank the lord
People get ready, there’s a train to Jordan
Picking up passengers coast to coast
Faith is the key, open the doors and board them
There’s hope for all among those loved the most
There ain’t no room for the hopeless sinner whom would hurt all mankind
Just to save his own
Have pity on those whose chances grow thinner
For there is no hiding place against the kingdoms throne
People get ready there’s a train comin’
You don’t need no baggage, just get on board
All you need is faith to hear the diesels hummin’
You don’t need no ticket, just thank the lord