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I got up and ran around the neighbourhood this morning.  It wasn’t a huge long loop but it was enough to get my heart pumping for a goodly amount of time.  I set my wrist watch when I started and clicked it off when I finished.  I measured the time spent.  In order to pay attention to physical fitness I have set myself a goal of a certain amount of physical activity at least 4X per week.   I track a lot of things in my life.  Why do I do that?

Some people don’t like doing such.  My wife doesn’t.  I’ve met others who don’t.  That’s okay.  Sometimes I don’t appreciate it either.   But I do it.

I was thinking the other day and came to realize I do it because I am interested in progress.  Progress doesn’t always mean more but it does mean change.  If you don’t keep track of things you never really know if you are making progress or regress or both.  It’s a wise person who keeps track of the right things, in the right way.  The trick is figuring out what progress you want to make and what metric you will use to track it.

Yesterday, my son in law asked if I wanted to go to a hockey game with him.  He’s a native born Texan and can’t really differentiate a hockey puck from a chocolate donut (okay, I overstate).  But he knew I liked hockey and I interpreted his action to be that he wanted to spend some time with me.  What makes it interesting is that I had set for a goal this month to invest into my relationship with him.   I wanted to spend time with him.  How do you measure that except by keeping track of the times spent together?

Here’s another thought, if you don’t track things, how do you know when you are not doing well?  It’s a pet peeve of mine as to how difficult we find it to admit defeat, or poor performance, or even failure.  I remember a conversation with a pastor friend a while back.  He was commenting on one of his staff folk and simply stated “he’s had a poor year this year”.  Wow.  No summative judgment felt there, just analysis.

You can get over invested in this…I have met people like that.  Pretty sticky and stinky if you ask me.  I hope that I don’t come across that way.

Anyway, what are you looking for in life?  How are you doing in getting there?   To borrow an old bromide, “if you don’t measure it you can’t monitor it”.