There is a line in an old Bachman Turner Overdrive anthem from the 70’s that captures some of my journey—“We love to work at nothing all day” (can you hear “Taking Care of Business” in your mind as read that line? ) I am working hard at not working right now.

I have a mentor for this season who suggests I am still “working” too hard. The idea of sabbath is to rest not work.

In a previous post I talked about sabbatical not so much as rest but as “time”…and specifically freedom of time. I see this season as an opportunity to use time differently than I have in the previous season. Relieved of responsibility to do the things I normally do, I am free to choose what I want to do for sake of joy, liberty, renewal and refreshing. Like an artist trying to capture an image in his brain and transfer it to canvas, each stroke is part of an effort to realize the image. Some strokes give bold direction. Ohters are nuances, subtle and even puzzling. But together the gestures create the image on the canvas. Each day–each action–each choice is a part of the painting.

My sabbatical season saw me walking through a graveyard yesterday. It was old—from the 1800’s. Some of the grave markers were ornate even ostentatious. Many were simple even nondescript. A fair number were crumbling and deteriorating. The cemetery worker explained that care for graves wasn’t provided by the cemetery staff. Their job was to cut grass, period. So, if a family finished, or stopped taking care of the site, it deteriorated.

If we finish, or stop taking care of what we have, it deteriorates.