I am not talking as much lately.  I know that.  I am self aware enough to know that.  My wife confirms it.  I’d like to think I am listening more but I am usually a pretty good listener most of the time.  I am just not talking as much as I usually do.

Soft Winds

As I think about it I wonder if I am going in to hibernation?   I remember as a young boy in the bush in Northern Ontario—the bears would disappear in the fall.  The squirrels would kick into high gear October.  There was a season that came when the natural order just went quiet.  I know it felt like death but life experience taught me that in the spring it would come back with a vengeance.  It wasn’t really dead, it was sleeping.  It was quite–resting–renewing–reinvigorating.

I’d love to say “I am like Jesus” on this one but his extended withdrawal from people (i.e. 40 days in the wilderness) was something far different.  Even his short term withdrawal (over nights, or for a day or two) were more strategic.

For me, it feels like hibernation.