I was reading a friend’s newsletter earlier this morning.  He was encouraging his readers to pray, not only as individuals but corporately.  His context was in congregational transformation.  How do you see real change happen in a church group?  He espoused good strategy and clear goals.  But then he talked about prayer as necessary.  One of his lines stopped me—

While no one can satisfactorily elucidate all the reasons why prayer is critical  to congregational transformation, we simply know that when we stop praying, coincidences stop happening.    Gary Straub,ColumbiaPartnership, November 2011

“When we stop praying, concidences stop happening”.  It reminded me of the line uttered by Gary Player?  Lee Trevino?  that “the more I practise the luckier I get on the golf course”.  I don’t think my friend is espousing a new strategy for winning the Lotto.  Nor do I understand him to be suggesting that post hoc ergo propter hoc (after this therefore because of this).  But I do think he is tapping into one of the spiritual realities that defies pure reason.  That when we pray things happen, that may not happen were we not to pray.

So, I sat at my table and prayed.  I didn’t mentally verbalize words to God though you can do that.  I chose to write my prayer out in my journal.  It took a while but in a couple of paragraphs I described to God the five areas of my life that need His help.  I am prepared to do my part, but I need more than my part.  My part may or may not be enough.  I need help.  I could tell you what these areas were but that would be breaking confidence.  My prayers are between God and me.