He sure did.  Researchers suggest that a preacher burns between 6 and 10 hours of energy delivering a 30 minute message on a given Sunday.  Today he certainly burned closer to the 10 than the 6.  How come?

I think it was because he was working harder than we were in this sermon experience.  Earlier this week he’d had a very profound personal  time with God.  Profound enough that he chose to deviate from his prepared preaching schedule for this morning in order to insert this idea that he had encountered.  And he wanted us to have just as profound an experience as he did. It was kind of a “come see what I saw” event.  Not easy to do.  In fact, almost impossible to pull off.

Remember when you came home from summer camp filled to the brim with the experience and you tried to relate it to your friends, or parents, or siblings?  And though they were interested you knew you weren’t quite able to see the same level of excitement in their eyes as you did.  But you tried.  Or, ever gone on a vacation and come back to friends enquiring as to “how was it?”  And as you unfurl your laptop to show the scenes that had overwhelmed you in the last week or two, you realize they aren’t seeing them the same way.

That’s close to what it was today.  I think the preacher had extreme passion.  I don’t think we the listeners had the same level of passion.  We just didn’t work as hard at getting it as he did.

Props to the preacher though–he sure worked hard this morning.

What about the sermon itself?  Well, to be honest with you, I have heard very few poor sermons over the years.  Even this sermon wasn’t “poor”.  It had room for improvement but that describes 100% of the sermons I have ever preached.  Some have been more memorable than others but all have had room for improvement.   In fact, the preacher’s passion made up for some deficiencies.

I am by nature a re-arranger of sermons.  In my head, I rearranged a couple of pieces of his sermon and actually think he had a very fine homily.  If he experienced a 10+ in putting this sermon together from his encounter with God, I think I benefited at least an 8+ in hearing his passion.  (and had 2+fun in re-arranging his sermon).  All in all a good day.

But boy, the preacher worked hard this morning.