I picked up an email the other day from a friend who thinks they have chronic fatigue syndrome.  They sleep plenty but don’t awaken rested.  They could sleep more and it doesn’t make any difference.  Their daily routine drags.  Motivation is low, energy is absent, life drags.   It’s not that they are not trying but it just ain’t working like they hope it would.

I feel for them.  Honestly?  It’s not a regular problem I personally encounter.  Perhaps I am wired differently, perhaps I have “learned” life differently, perhaps I have different habit patterns…whatever the case might be I don’t usually deal with dragging myself around all day.

But periodically I do.  Yep, there are days when it is an incredibly difficult task just to start the day.

More of us face this kind of experience than we would think.  What’s been your best way to get it going?