The coping mechanism for a recovering alcoholic is to take it “one day at a time”.  Sobriety, recovery, wellness and life is a journey as well as a destination and it’s a wise person who takes it “one day at a time”.

I like that but sometimes I find even “one day” too long a period to mentally wrestle through.  Sometimes I reduce it down to “one hour at a time”, or “one  moment at a time”… or even “one choice at a time”.

Every once in a while you find yourself in a slump.  Sometimes it is even in the middle of a day.  It started well but went into the dumpsters for a variety of reasons.  So, “one day at a time”…or “one hour at a time”, or even “one choice at a time” seems to be wise counsel.    If you don’t like the present situation what can you do in the rest of the day, or in the rest of the hour, or even in the rest of the conversation to take it to civility and productivity rather than destructivity and painfulness?

People assume I do a lot of speaking in life.  Actually I do much more listening than speaking, arguably ten to one more.  Usually I find myself listening then asked to give a response to the comment or conversation.  The other day I was in a conversation listening to the person and he began to make some audacious, sweeping overstatements about situations and people we knew.  His comments bothered me and my blood boiled because of what was said.  I wanted to lash back and overstate his overstatements.  This conversation was going south quickly.  “One day at a time”…or “one hour at a time” or even “one choice at a time”.  I sat there for a moment and made a choice to not lash back but rather to respond in kindness and civility rather than hurt or attack.  So I responded, “well, you certainly expressed your opinion there”.  He looked puzzled and questioned me with his eyes.  So I further elucidated, “you had a point to make,  a strong one, and you expressed your opinion strongly.  I frankly don’t have the same opinion but I respect your right to express your opinion”.   And I went on to explain how I see it.  Interestingly the conversation turned from the cliff back onto the freeway and was able to continue with destruction or calamity.

I was faced with a choice and on this occasion I was able to choose wisely.  I wish I were better at making those kinds of choices more consistently.

“one day at a time, one hour at a time, one choice at a time…”.  How’s the rest of your day looking?