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I am involved in something that occurs every two years.  It’s called the “2020 Leadership Summit” and it’s an effort our organization puts together to invite 75 of the top young leaders in our movement to come together for 4 days to consider what it means to “step it up”.  It’s Christian—very faith-filled.  And it’s a leadership event.  Attendees are exposed to senior leaders; they participate in workshops; there are plenary sessions; there is plenty of available time to process; they build relationships; they seek answers to questions; they have opportunity to learn.  It’s a good thing.

This year’s event was amazing.  I know it’s an overused term but it was “special”.  Why so?  I am still processing it.  I led the event–but there are better emcee’s than myself around.  But I felt very comfortable with this group of people in front of me.  The plenary speaker was better than I hoped for–props to Chris Price from Calvary Baptist Church, Coquitlam.  The worship team was from Ebenezer Baptist Church in Saskatoon.  Over the top good.  The workshop leaders were key leaders from across Canada (Roland Lewis, BC: Roger Helland, AB; Lorne Meisner, Winnipeg; Scott Campbell, QC, Chet Ingram, Saskatoon; EdStuckey, Edmonton)  We were really pleased to have Robin Grimstead (World Relief), David Church (Wildwood Consultants), and Heather Kropp (BGCC/AEF) as key note speakers as well.  The location in the mountains in Canmore was good.  The resort property—Radisson Conference Centre–was top drawer (great staff).

But it was more than “good”, it was “special”.  We’ve been doing these events for close to a decade but this one was arguably our best experience.  I think a key piece was the people in the room, the learners.  These were highly committed, highly competent, pursuers of life and truth and service.  It’s not hard to build a fine piece of furniture if you are working with good wood and good tools.

I know I am pumping the tires of this thing.  Can you tell?  It was just special.  Yeah God.