We celebrated “Family Day” today.  It was great.  Four other provinces in the nation also had a run at a “long weekend”.  Manitoba calls their Monday “Louis Riel Day”.  Prince Edward Island calls it “Islanders Day”.  Saskatchewan calls their day “Family Day”.   BC is getting their oar in the water too, but not til 2013.   Couldn’t be too soon according to many west coasters.  But I suspect that the bottom line of it all is that everyone enjoyed “a long weekend in February”.  It’s a long time between January and Easter.

There are a few things that define us as Canadians.  Yes, we are supposed to be polite.  (We usually are).  Yes, we like hockey (oh yeah baby, we really do).  Some of us eat maple syrup (but not all of us).  Most of us punctuate our statements with an “eh” at the end.  For the most part we look for middle ground solutions—not too extreme one way, not too extreme the other way.  Nicely balanced.

But there is something extreme for the average Canadian and their “long weekend”.   We  revel in the May long weekend because it signals the start of summer.  The July long weekend is the height of summer.  The August long weekend is a minor version of the July long weekend–still lots of  summer left to celebrate.  And the September long weekend is all about finishing up the summer.  Funny, four long weekends in a row, each with their historical significance, but really we just care that they are “long weekends”.    Friday night, all day Saturday, all day Sunday, and even most of Monday.  Boy, it doesn’t get any better than that.

So, we had “family day” in February.  To be honest with you, my family gets way more attention at Thanksgiving, and then a huge dose more at Christmas.  So, having a “family day” in February was really nice but if you ask me, it sure felt a lot  like a long weekend this past weekend.  Thanks folks, it was great.  You can call it what you want as long as you keep it a long weekend.