Thirty two years ago a man named William Lawrence changed my life.  I admired him becase he was my seminary professor.  His compassionate, fun loving, deep personal spirit was hugely attractive.  One day after a seminary class he took me aside and said to me “Jamey, you can do it”.  He was encouraging me to not be timid or fearful but instead to step and take on the responsibility of leadership in the church.  You know—I still remember the time and place where it happened.  Prior to that I was hesitant.  But Bill’s words moved me forward.

This weekend, I am in Canmore Alberta leading an event called “2020 Leadership Summit”.  We have 75 men and women ages 18-28, coming together to consider what it means to “lead where they are”.  They come from their local churches all across Canada.  Their pastor has recommended them to this event because they are evidencing gifts and willingess to make a difference in life.  Through plenary sessions, workshops, informal conversations and free time our hope is that these men and women will hear as I did 32 years ago, “you can do it”.

It’s what we re supposed to do.  We are passing it along.