So, I am sitting in this meeting  along with about 75 others listening to a 31 year old preacher tell some fascinating stories about his courtship.  He’s pretty good. 

Academy of Preachers

He told us about meeting this young woman in church several years ago and being attracted to her.  It was for 2 reasons–she was godly, and she was hot.  Most in the room felt those were excellent criteria for a young man to be attracted to a woman.  He realized pretty early in the friendship that the woman had an outstanding relationship with her family (father, mother, siblings etc).  He noted that her dad played drums in the church worship team so he made a strategic move–he decided to learn to play the drums and asked the father if he’d be willing to “teach him”.  Over the next few months he would spend several hours on Monday evenings learning the drums in the father’s basement.  And lo and behold, who would wander downstairs to make conversation–but this amazing young woman.  The relationship was on!  He began to periodically enjoy meals at the family dinner table.  Because the woman’s mom was of different ethnicity than the young man, she would periodically prepare food that was of different taste, texture and substance than anything he had been used to.  He made a strategic move–rather than protesting, he learned to swallow some very spicy, strange concoctions.  Eventually,he landed up marrying the young woman. 

The point of the story was this he said–he realized that in order to fully express his love and affection for the daughter, he needed to find a way to show love and affection to her family.  He wasn’t just dating the young woman, he was dating her family. 

His application was that often, people express the strange condundrum  “I love Jesus but I hate the church”.  The preacher challenged us to not just be attracted to the Saviour–we’d be wise to pay attention to His family too.  Because He loves His family very much. 

Good  point.