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I had a cup of coffee.  In fact, I had two.  I made some toast.  I phoned an airline reservation customer service line and was told it would be “30 minutes” before they were able to help me.  I put the phone on speaker and began to do other things while I waited.  I didn’t feel exasperated because, it’s Saturday.  And Saturdays are meant for…

The thing I like best about Saturdays is their wide openedness to doing things that aren’t part of the Monday to Friday scheme of life.  You don’t have to get dressed for events on Saturdays (usually).  Casual is okay.  (And it’s not business casual like Friday is).  It is blue jeans and a sweat shirt.  You don’t have to shower and shave on a Saturday…if needs be you just put on a ball cap and wear it all day.  People are usually none the wiser though probably the brightest people recognize what’s going on.  Rendez-vous’s are usually more casual.  You show up around 5’ish or 6’ish.  Often the meal is a community effort–you bring something, they supply something, somebody else brings something else.  The collective enjoyment is the best part of the day.

If you need to get something done on a house maintenance basis—well, Saturday afternoon works just fine for cutting grass or planting flowers (this time of year).  If you need to make a small repair to a home appliance, it’s been sitting waiting for you on the workbench.  Saturday morning usually is unfettered enough for you to pull something apart to take a look.

Things you don’t want to have to do on a Saturday?  Have you seen the lines at the grocery store lately?  How about the crowd at the Canadian Tire thinking this would be a good day to have the muffler looked at?  I don’t usually think about sitting in the hair cutting salon on this day–because too many others have had the same idea.  It’s crazy in there.

I wonder if this is what God had in mind when He reminds us to take a Sabbath weekly?  I know most Christians seem to think that Sunday is their Sabbath and I support them.  But as I think in the mind of God, it says He ceased from His labours on the 7th day.  (We joke about life working 24-7.  Even God only works 24-6).  I like Saturdays because they really do give me an opportunity to cease from my labour that occupies me the other six days of the week.

What are Saturdays meant for in your life?