I sat in a meeting last night working with a group looking to replace their significant leader.  It was a “search committee” meeting.  The discussion swirled around “job description”.  That’s a good place to spend time.  There was an existing job description in place which formed a ton of discussion.

The discussion was wide open and free spirited.  Half way through we began to realize that the job description, though mostly accurate to the group’s wishes for their significant leader, was pretty uninspiring.  It was an invitation to come to the group—be responsible for way too much, with too little help, and precious little room for self creative endeavours, and no hope for success.  Other than that, it was good document!

We began to dream out loud about what the dream was for this significant leader?  As we swirled we realized that we wanted to perform at a higher level as an organization.  And we didn’t ask the leader to “do it”, but we wanted him to be a person who inspired us to “do better”.  We wanted someone to come and be a “purveyor of hope” amongst us…that we can do better, and we can fly higher.

If, (and the word “if” is huge here), you were given an opportunity to work with a group that wanted to do something significant, and there was collective will in the group to not just talk about it but do something about it…would you be interested in this kind of endeavour?  I think so.  In fact, I can think of a dozen people who would line up for the opportunity to take a crack at this.

The best leaders have all kinds of qualities.  But one of their essential qualities is their ability to “purvey hope” to the group.