So I am at the Moody Bible Institute’s Preacher’s Week a few years back.  After one of the sessions there is need to clear out about 500 chairs and set up some tables so we can enjoy a lunch together.  Being someone who wants to help I walk over to the stack of tables and start to pull on them.  Another fellow joins me and we lug the table to the center of the room.  I am stunned because who is the guy at the other end of the table from me but Joe Stowell, then president of the institution.

I won’t lie to you–I am a little stunned.  I stammer out–“Joe, you don’t need to be doing this.  I am sure you’ve got more important things to do than lug tables”.  His reply taught me an important lesson.  “I am called here to be a servant leader.  Don’t let your position get in the way of your practice”.

I can’t say I have it perfect since then but it showed me by example that a leader serves.  Not just in theory.  Not just intellectually.  But in practice.

A friend recently wrote me to ask for some leadership tips as they head into a leadership role in their situation.  Joe’s words come back to me—“don’t let your position get in the way of your practise.”  We are called to serve.  Let’s do it.