I ran another 10km road race today with my daughter (See January 23, 2012 for first posting on this thought).  Different day of the year, different location, same distance, same result.  I ran the race with her but actually saw her for less than three minutes of the entire hour it took me to run the distance.

This race was a little different than the last one.  For the first 2km I set the pace and could actually sense her presence behind me.  Then at km 3 she pulled up beside me and pulled in front of me.  I thought this was great as we could run the same pace and enjoy the route together.  The she stopped pulling in front of me and actually started pulling  away on me and 3 minutes later…she was “gone”.  Couldn’t see her any more.  I finished the race by myself and arrived at the finish line in an hour to discover that she’d been waiting for me for about 6 minutes already.  Now, I know it’s not about winning or even competing.   But I am a middle aged white guy and it’s all about competing for MAWG’s.    In fact, you don’t have to be a MAWG to be inflicted with competivititis, I think it’s a guy thing.  Earlier this morning as she left her house her husband told her to “kick your dad’s butt”.  Mission accomplished.

Why do it then?  Well, I could go all metaphysical or talk about the “zen of ten” but that would be unhelpful.  I do it because I enjoy it.  I like the endorphins that kick in upon completion and I like that I can spend a meaningful hour or two with one of my daughters.  They gave us each a goofy “medal” for showing up.  Mine will go into a drawer and then later be filed.  But the memory–it’s un-erasable.  I’ll always remember running another 10 km with my daughter…