What’s your best morning of the week?   What’s the morning that you wake up on and just kind of step into it with all kinds of smiles, and sighs, and satisfactions?


For the hard driving, deal making, life shaking guy…it’s “Mondays”.  It’s the day when showtime kicks back into gear.  You can play hard on the weekends but come Monday it’s time to make it happen again.  (In fact for manic-Mondays folks, the twitching usually starts on Sunday pm as they gear up for the morning).

For others it’s Fridays.  The last work day of the week means the w/e is just around the corner.  In fact they are already kicking into w/e mode counting the hours til Friday night starts or the full weekend starts.  I used to work on construction sites in the summers during my college years.  Trust me…there may have been overtime during the rest of the week but there was NO overtime for young construction guys on Friday nights.  If quitting time was 4pm…well, it wasn’t 4:30 or 5:00.  It was quittting time when it was supposed to be.

For me it’s Sundays.  Yep, Sundays.  It wasn’t always that way.  For 23 years I pastored a local church and I was probably like the folks facing Manic Mondays–except for me it was a day earlier.  Saturday nights were twitchy nights.  Sunday was early start.  You had to be ready or you missed it.  And it was good.  I used to say that the Sabbath for me was the day that began with Sunday School and ended with Exhaustion 12 hours later.  My poor wife carried the brunt too as I was absolutely useless to her on Sundays.

But now, I am not leading a local church.  I have a different job as a denominational leader.  I am still in a church every Sunday but it’s different.  I visit a different church each week–but I am never “in charge”.  I see the pastor or the worship leader or the deacons with that focused (sometimes frenetic) look in their faces and I remember what it feels like.  Me?  I am often just a guest–a visitor in the mix.  I sometimes have responsibilities but it’s different.  I am there to be part of the morning, not in charge of the morning.

So, I wake up on Sunday morning, put some coffee on, think about the day, pray, smile about something that is delightful, get ready for church and plan on enjoying a delightful time.  For me, it’s the best morning of the week.