Somebody recently asked me why I didn’t reference “God” more in my posts?  or cite more Bible verses?  it’s a great question and certainly those are some things that you might expect from someone who lives out his life as a minister or a preacher.  You’d think that I’d want to use this as a platform to communicate and convince.

But I don’t do that.  One of the reasons is because there are a lot of God-explainers already writing some very fine postings.  And there are some very fine God-preachers bringing some very fine sermons about God.  And there are some very fine authors doing an incredible job trying to explain the mind of God.  I don’t think I am really able nor willing to try and outspeak, outpreach, or outwrite such folks.  Seriously, there is some good stuff out there.

I write this blog to shape and then share my wisdom.  It’s entitled “Jamey in Context” because it allows me to write out my thoughts, and in writing them out I clarify them (for me as much as for anybody else), and then I publish them with the hope that maybe somebody else will be encouraged by their insights.  It’s about bringing insight and clarity.

So far, a lot of people have taken and look and expressed their appreciation.  I am not trying to “preach”, but I am trying to share.  Sharing is a key thing for me.  I share what I have and I have no problem receiving what others are sharing (it’s collaboration?  give and take?  scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours?  Sharing isn’t about convincing, it’s about sharing).

I had a great conversation with a young server earlier today.  She was 20 something, working in a cafe, and basically looked like a “fun person”.  So, after a great experience around the eating table I took the plunge and said “can I ask you a couple of personal questions?”  Because we’d been friendly she said, “sure”.  The first question I asked was—“are you spiritual”?  Her response was “absolutely”.  T he second question I asked was prefaced by a reason.  I said to her “you don’t need to answer this but I am a minister of a church and I’ve noticed that a lot of people your generation aren’t coming to church lately.  How do you access your spirituality?’  Whether it was because I was old enough to be her father, or gentle enough to be an enquirer, she allowed herself to be disarmed and filled me in.  “A lot of my friends are spiritual, and every once in a while we’ll have some really great conversations about spiritual things.  We’ll see a movie, or someone will read a book, or we’ll just hang out and talk about deep things.  I used to go to church but I don’t go to real-church anymore.  I find it with my friends”.  I thanked her for her candour and she thanked me for my willingness to listen.   I probably should have done a better job rounding off the conversation by commenting that it sounds a lot like good church when you get together with your friends.  People need to be affirmed when they start getting things right…even if it’s only the start of some really good things.

I don’t talk a lot about God, but you know, He’s everywhere in the conversation.