Brad Pitt never showed up at my birthday bash last year.  (He wasn’t invited but hey, people drop in uninvited to events all the time).  The Queen was in Canada last year.  She never called.  Hmmmm, disappointing.  I heard Wayne Gretzky is supposed to be in town next week, I wonder if he wants to get together and hang out?

By now if you have been reading my posts over the years you probably are catching on that I jest.  None of these people ever contact me.  But there is a point, “who is in my life?”  We often look around and fail to see “who” is there and find appreciation for them.


The title of the post today is taken from an oblique reference in 2 Timothy 4:9-17 where the apostle Paul mentions 8 or 9 people that he is associated with (name dropping?) but makes the plaintive reference that “only Luke is with me”.  It’s a sad note.  Paul was hugely socially connected but at the end of his days, “only Luke is with me”.  I understand that this Luke guy was very capable.  He probably was an academic.  History tells us that he wrote the book of Acts and penned the Gospel of Luke.  And he accompanied Paul on his journies.  But he never “led” anything.  He didn’t show up and preach the lights out.  He was never publicly recorded in exorcisms nor miracles.  He was quiet but got the job done.  Was he a geek? Was he just a quite observing type?  Was he more a listener than a talker?  Not sure, but one thing is sure–when no one else was around, he was.  “Only Luke is with me”.

I say all this to ask us about our socialization patterns?  We love to think upwardly in our social grids.  I have a friend with a healthy sense of humor who threatens to write a book entitled “Famous People That Knew Me” but as it stands right now, it’s a pretty short book.  And we have a compassionate gift for those that “need help”.  We sometimes treat them as rescue projects.  But besides that, we need to look around us and see who stands next to us without fanfare and applause.  Who is with us?  Let’s not lose sight of the day in-day out people of life who don’t demand attention but bring support and love and strength.

Who is “with you” in your life right now?