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This past weekend was one massive adrenaline rush.  No I wasn’t sky diving or rollercoaster riding, I was working with people and pastors here in Montreal.  People laughingly say that “a pastor only works one hour per week” and we all snicker.  But even if that were true, experts say that in that one hour of life he/she exerts 6-10 hours of energy in delivering a 30 minute sermon and spending intense 30 to 60 to 90 more minutes with congregants listening, laughing, learning and leading.  Trust me—I worked more than one  hour this weekend.

Friday night we spent time strategizing as pastors about the city of Montreal.  It’s a huge city, maybe close to 2 million people.  One per cent would confess any genuine personal religious faith in Christ.  Clearly, there is mission work to be done.  Saturday morning I gathered with about 40 Christian workers and talked about balancing our outer and inner lives in a 2 hour workshop.  Saturday pm was a rally and we were encouraged as about 200 came out to a “futurizing” time when we tried to lean into the challenges around us rather than shy away from them.  I tried to “preach the lights out” and to be honest, they did dim for a moment but they were still on when I was done.  Sometimes, you have good intentions but have to settle for a bronze medal.

Sunday was not really a marathon, it was like three 10 km runs back to back to back.  In the early morning it was marvellous to gather with a group of about 80 believers and I was privileged to share a message from Mark 2.  Then right after lunch we did it again with a different group–this one was about 50 people.  Scott Campbell provided simultaneous translation as my french isn’t strong enough to carry more than a conversation.  Then in the late afternoon we celebrated with our Filipino church here with a study from the life of Barnabas, a man of encouragement.  The people encouraged me as I encouraged them!

Anyway, that was the weekend.  I knew going in it was going to be hard.  So, I soldiered through.  Adrenaline can provide help, but you crash when it’s done.  That’s me today.  Crashed.  I went to bed at 8:30 last pm but couldn’t sleep well because I was too tired.  Today, I am slowly making my way along.  My host understands and tells me when to eat but leaves me alone in between meal times. They are sensitive people.

Rest.  Sabbath.  Renewing people.  Good prescription.