He was mid forties.  He’d been with the company long enough that he had the executive office, the safe position, the expense account and basically a chance to ride the ride for another 15-20 years and simply step off the roller coaster saying “thanks, I’m done”.  But he wasn’t happy.  In fact, it was deeper than unhappiness.  A piece of him was dying.


So he took the plunge.  He left his safe and secure position to open up his own business bringing with him his expertise, his energy, his contacts and his dreams.  He could have stayed in the previous place and used his expertise, his energy, his contacts—but he couldn’t use his dreams.  And if you can’t live your dreams you’ll feel like you are dying.  It was pretty cool to listen to him speak of his future and to feel his energy as he verbalized where he wanted to go in the next season.  He was fully engaged!  And fully alive!

Which moves it from the realm of his story to your story.  As the reader of this post, what are your dreams?  If you had a chance to fly, what flight pattern would you take?  I know that timing is everything and there are things that mitigate against take off right now…but at some point in time, if the tower gave you permission to fly, where would you go?

In the Christian journey there is a parallel.  We believe in something that is bigger than our circumstances.  We believe in a sovereign God who has something really bigger and better in store and He invites us to listen to what He’s put into our hearts that will ultimately result in something so fantastic, so crazy, so over the top…that He gets the credit.   But it usually involves some measure of risk, dislocation, discomfort even fear.

So, what do you think?