I stopped into the Olive Garden Restaurant this week to enjoy lunch with a friend.  We used to connect more often but with relocations of our respective residences, and redeployment of our respective ministries, well, it’s just harder to get together.  But we found each other and it was good.

At the end of our meal I entered into a brief conversation with our server.  I asked her my famous questions—“do you consider yourself a spiritual person” and her reply was a quick “absolutely”.  I then asked her about the demise of church going amongst her generation in Canada and her answer surprised me.

She mentioned that she was Brazilian born and raised and had only come to Canada about 4 years previously.  She had been part of an energetic church in Brazil but struggled to find something similar in Canada.  She had visited about 12 Canadian churches and hadn’t found what she was looking for and finally just settled for a local church in her near neighbourhood.  “What were you looking for? And what did you find?” was my query.  She was looking for a church with passion–for people excited about their faith and their lives and the opportunity to make a difference in the world.  But all she found were people sitting quietly, uninspired and doing little.  She was disappointed in her discoveries.

Here’s my revelation—I think she’s right.  Churches are supposed  to be filled with people who are excited about their faith and passionate about making a difference in the world.  How’s your church doing?  Better yet, how are you doing?