I just checked through the airport security.  I think I do it at least 75-100 times per year (if you make 50 trips, chances are you’ll do it twice each time so you do the math).  Part of the drill is to go through security for sake of safety.  Probably you’ve done it—place lap top in tray, empty pockets, put loose change into bin, think about shoes, belt, pens etc.  The attendant asks for your boarding pass, asks about liquids/gels, and anything  else that  might make the alarms bells ring.  And then you walk through…

But this experience was a little different.  The line up was slow in moving along.  I guess somebody in front of me was being subjected to the deeper level of search because I waited and waited to be released to go through the scanner. 

The attendant had been very offiicial and competent.  She had greeted me in both official languages.  She had asked me all the right questions.  She had determined that I was “good to go” through the scanner.  But when I didn’t go…there was this awkward sense of standing beside each other. 

She commented that she liked my jacket.  It’s not “unique” but it is cool looking.  I got it from my son in law.  She asked me about my destination that day and told me that I’d like that city.  Her comment was “my sister lives there and she really likes being part of it”.  I have to admit that it caught me off guard.  I am a middle aged Canadian male who is polite and civil, but I’ve learned over the years to stand quietly in airport lines and let the officials be official. 

This attendant was different–she was also friendly.  It was a pleasant way to begin the day. 

It made me think.  How “friendly” am I?  If I enjoyed the experience, how enjoyable would it be for others were I to engage them in similar fashion–officially, competently, and …friendly?