I’ve been teaching a workshop latelly on “balancing life’s demands”.  Some of the readers of this blog have been to the seminar.  I have received a ton of good feedback from attendees who have appreciated the clarity, sensitivity and helpfulness of the material presented.  We live busy lives full of external demands, expectations, assumptions and commitments.  And sometimes our inner self is able to handle a tremendous amount of stuff but sometimes due to the accumulation of life issues, our capacities are overloaded to the point that our ability to handle life is diminished.

As I mentioned above, people appreciate my clarity in explaining life.  The clunker in all of this is that “it’s a lot easier to talk about this kind of stuff than it is to do it.  The words of the Bible come to mind “physician, heal thyself”.  Ever experienced that gap between what you ought to do and what you actually do?   I find myself in the midst of that spot.

I have a ton of work assignments to get to in the next month.  Here is what I plan to do.  I am going to take Friday of this week …off.  I’ve been burning the candle at both ends.  I have been living on overload.  I can’t keep doing it and simply absorb it.  I have to re-create.  I going to “not work” on Friday.

In my seminar, I talk about breaking the stress and strain of life’s demands by accessing “habits and holidays”.  Habits are activities that get your mind off the things that occupy your mind.  Holidays are efforts to get your body unhooked from the demands of daily life.  I am going to have a holiday this Friday.