There is an expression in political circles that “a week is a lifetime”.  By that pundits mean  things can happen quickly and change drastically.  Sometimes overnight.  It’s been a week since I last posted here and yes, a lot has happened.

In the past 7 days, I heard from friends that the angels had visited them and carried her mom home to heaven after a time of suffering.  A loss, but not to them.  Hope abounds.  I sat with a friend as he describes his own mom’s slow pilgrammage towards eternity.  Cancer is relentless.  It pauses but never ceases and in some time near, it will have its shallow victory.  I sat in my home church and saw/heard my pastor lead the flock into growth.  Well played Pastor, well played.  I was part of a 3 day school of orientation for our conference and was delighted to hang out with 19 new pastors/spouses talking about our denom family, but more importantly the work that Jesus has left us to do.  I worked with our office staff in doing mega preparations for an upcoming national conference.  (Great job by the support staff).  I talked to a potential staff person about joining our office team.  I handled a couple of tricky phone calls from distressed peoples and pastors.  And oh yeah, I snuck a round of golf in there one afternoon when the weather permitted.

On a personal side, our twin daughters turned 30 this week.  30?  Yep, 30.  Wow.  They must feel strange having such a young dad and mom.  Smile.  Nicely played girls, nicely played.  We are proud of the women you are.

Besides all that, the provincial government of Alberta held its elections and stunned a lot of us when the incumbent party was returned to power spanking all its rivals.  I thought things were supposed to change in a week?

And this afternoon, I am sitting in a Subway in Montreal,  enjoying a sandwich, and gathering my thoughts after a 4 hour plane ride.  Tonight I am working with about 12 pastors strategizing about their future as a group of churches here in Montreal.  Tomorrow morning I get to meet with about 25 pastors/leaders talking about balance in life. (I am either the best example for this?  or the worst?)  Saturday night sees me speaking at a vision banquet for all our churches here in Montreal, and then Sunday I get to speak in 3 different churches.

By the way, Iam taking Monday and Tuesday off this next week to let my soul catch up with my body.  It may only be a week of my life over the last seven days, but a week can feel like a lifetime.