There is an old sports expression that “when Mo is on the bus…you really start rolling.  And when Mo gets off the bus to ride another bus, you are in for a tough pull”.  The Mo described there is “momentum”.  When you have momentum on your side you are in good shape.  Sad to be in the other situation.

I was in Montreal this week and think I saw “Mo” on their bus.  In our circles we call Him “the Holy Spirit” but He was there, blowing.

There is a tendency to want to “bottle it, package it, sell it, ship it, and use it” but we need to avoid that.  If I read the Script properly, “He blows where He wills” (John 3).  But at the same time, I saw some things there that may have been coincidental, or preparatory or even part of the HS blowing.

1.  I saw Hope–that this group could do something significant.  They are only 9 churches, but are full of first generation Christians.  They remember conversion and are desirous of others to experience it.  When Frantz their leader shared an ambitious plan to see 20 new churches established over the next 10 years there was applause and shouts of amen!  20?  Really?  2 per year?  Really?  Yep, Frantz thinks it can be done.  (Who brings hope to your group?  Who brings hope to you?)

2.  There was joy and satisfaction in the teaching/feeding…a sense of nutrition and competence.  I was teaching (and I am trying hard to not be self congratulatory) on futurizing (how do we do this?  what do we pay attention to?  what do we measure?) and then I taught a seminar on life balance (our outer and inner life) with lots of examples and clear pictures of how it works.  They appreciated the clarity and concern expressed in both seminars.  It’s good to know where we are heading and what to anticipate on the way.   Does your group know where it’s going?  What to anticipate along the way?

3.  there was compassion for each other—no sense of competition, no sense of conflict (personal or ideological).  When we are all facing the same target, with arms linked together, we can go further and stronger.    We celebrate each other’s successes and share each other’s sorrows.  That’s what teams do–they win together, and they lose together.  (How does your team function right now?)

4.  there was respect for leadership–Frantz, Scott, Antoine, Jean Robert, Rene, Josue, Emmanuel, Raymond, Mesene were all respected as the leaders of their churches.  And I felt a tremendous respect for me as a national leader in their midst.  Interestingly, there was also a broad band of mutuality.   In your group, what’s your attitude towards your leadership?  If you are a leader, how do you view your people?