I spent the day drinking coffee–lots of it.  I was doing relationship building and a big part of it is visiting, listening, talking, laughing and saying “thank you”.  There were no decisions made, no plans concocted, no adjustments, no real sense of drama.  Just coffee.  Five different cups.

I learned about families, vacations, educational endeavours, books read, hockey preferences.  I learned about sicknesses, relatives, friends and coworkers.  In a couple of cases I learned about disappointments and discouragements.  In a few cases I learned about plans and dreams.  Life is full of dreams— and disappointments.

Sharing a cup of coffee together isn’t really about the merit of the coffee (Tim’s vs Starbuck’s?).  It’s about the quality of the conversation.  It’s amazing what people share with you when they trust you and believe you care deeply about them.  I consider a day like today a rich day full of gain and progress.  In it’s own way it was holy.

I know I am responsible for the leadership of an organization.   I think about that a lot.  So, in order to be a better leader, I periodically take a day to drink lots of coffee.  I find that when I do I learn a ton…and when I learn, I lead better.