My wife jumps out of airplanes.  (Really, she does.  For her 50th birthday we bought her a parachute jump).  Me?  I stand on the ground and take pictures.  We went ziplining on vacation.  When the guide offered the opportunity to the group to hang upside down and slide across the canyon my wife was the only one who volunteered to try it.  Me?  I held on for dear life and just enjoyed the view as it was–thank you very much.

I say all this to point out that one of the profound life principles is that in order to “move on, you need to let go”.  In order to get to “there”, you need to let go of “here”.

There is something crazy about a 48 year old trying to dress like an 18 year old.  There is something funny about lamenting about how tough transportation is as you drive your 78 Gremlin smoking and belching down the freeway.  There is something sad when we constantly reference an event from our past impedes us from our future.

Letting go leads to…

I can’t say that I am an expert at this but I think I get it.  I am not a truly creative person (truly creative persons are usually vilified or laughed at in the present, but years after they are gone, they are recognized for the genius they are!)  But I can recognize a good idea when I see it.  I see the upsides not the downsides.  I realize that the future isn’t always more of the same…some times there is discontinuity.

I remember reading about trapeze artists.  That stuff fascinates me in the circus.  Evidently it’s not as hard as it looks (sure, you say).  But there is one point in the exercise when it is crucial you do exactly what is needed.  They say that the catching is easy, the tumbling is easy, but the letting go is crucial.  If you hesitate or a uncertain in your release it really puts the successful progress and reception at risk.

You need to let go in order to move on.   Paul the apostle talks of “those things which were gain for me, I counted loss for Christ…so I have allowed the loss of all things in order that I might gain Christ and be found in Him… (Phil 3:10).

So, what do you hang on to that impedes you from moving on?