The president of the United States made a leadership move yesterday.  By definition “leadership is influence” and he sought to influence the reality of the country he leads by making a bold statement in favour of same sex marriages.   His move has certainly influenced a lot of people…both those in agreement with him and those standing contrary to him.

What he announced was pretty clear.  He is in favour of same-sex marriages.   He claims that this is his personal opinion but he is expressing it publicly to show support for those facing the issue and he did it on the record–as president of the United States.

Consider also “when” he made the announcement.  Timing is a huge issue in leadership.  Sometimes timing is instantaneous and a leader steps into the crisis of the moment.  But that wasn’t the case here.  There is no crisis in this moment so it seems he made this move now as a calculated statement.  “Why” did he make this move?  (It’s not quite the same as the “when” statement but it’s linked).   Though not explained it seems that there is a purposefulness of making this announcement now.

Here’s my question—good leadership move?  or a poor leadership move?  why?