One of my mentors used to regularly say to me that “the trouble with life is it is so daily”.  He wasn’t Woody Allen or Yogi Berra but his perspective sounds Allen-esque or Berra-ish.  Day after day filled with events and appointments and rhythms and similarities.  If you aren’t careful your life can wear itself smoothe. 

So, change something up.   Drive a different way to work—or take transit instead.  Try a new hair style even if it drives you insane.  Switch up your lunch patterns.  If you usually eat out, bring a brown bag and a good book.  If you usually eat in, set a goal to find the best $5.00 lunch you can buy within a 5 minute walk of your office place.  If you usually watch tv in the evening go to a park for a stroll after supper.  Phone a friend you haven’t phoned in a long time just to “chat”.  Go to the library–it’s free!     Clean out your closet and make a donation to the Goodwill.  Get a car wash.  Take 5 minutes to stop with a homeless person and ask them to tell you “their story”.  Write your member of parliament to comment on what a good job he or she is doing.  Switch things up. 

Look at the core elements of your life.  How are you finding your life identity?  Is there something that needs some deeper renovation than just a superficial change?  Maybe you need to go back to school and take a night course?  Maybe you need to dust off the resume?  Maybe even before that you just need to pick up the classifieds and see who’s hiring and for what?  Take a look at the deeper things too. 

Don’t let yourself get in a rut.