A little while back I had a problem I couldn’t solve.  It basically involved me having too many things to do and too few arms, legs, eyes, ears, etc.  I needed to clone myself to accomplish all that I had on my “to do list”.   So I phoned a friend and asked for help.

It was a pretty simple conversation.  After a few pleasantries I got to the point of the call.  It went something like this—“… I need a favour.  You can say “no” and I’ll understand but I have overcommitted myself and I can’t take care of (a certain task).  Do you have time or availability to look after this before Friday?”  The person hardly hesitated and said “sure Jamey, leave it with me”.

There was a risk involved–they could have said “no”.  And I was prepared for that.  My response would have been “no problem” I’ll phone someone else.   I remember a colleague thought it was pretty gutsy of me to phone for help.  I pondered that.  Was it?  Why?   Well,  his opinion was that asking for help was a statement of inability.   And if they feel impinged upon, then you’ve irritated them.  And perhaps they can’t say “no” and now you’ve overloaded them with your problems.

I suppose my friend’s analysis had merit.  But sometimes in life we need a little help.  If we don’t ask for it, we surely aren’t going to get it.  And  conversely when people ask us for help, what do we say to them?

It sounds a lot like the concept behind prayer if you ask me.