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Some of you are my generation and you remember “The Dick Van Dyke Show”.  For those that don’t it was a situation comedy from the mid 60’s that featured Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, Maury Amsterdam, Rose Marie and a few others.  The premise was that Rob Petrie (DVD) was a television writer who put together commercials for the company.  “Laura” (MTM) was his wife.  Maury, Rose Marie, et al were coworkers.  The series lasted 5 years and then finished of its own accord (not cancelled, no one quit…Carl Reiner–owner/writer of the series–decided he didn’t want to do any more than 200 episodes).  It was a rollicking, funny, personable, endearing series of episodes.  It really was “Seinfeld” before there was “Seinfeld”.

I read biographies for enjoyment and inspiration. This one was a bit of both.  DVD was an entertainer from the get go.  He lived for the applause.  Raised in a moderately Christian/religious home he decided to never do a project that when completed, he would not be comfortable bringing his kids to view.  And over the years he stood by his guns.  His hope was that people would go home from his events “laughing” and “smiling”.  For the most part he was successful.

There is a lesson there for some of us…especially those of us that are privileged to stand in front of others and speak into their lives (i.e. preachers).  At the end of our times, do people walk away “blessed” or do they leave angered, confused, mugged or indifferent?  None of those last 4 words are good.  We sometimes defend our words as “truth telling” but does truth telling lead to darkness and despair?  Or does it lead to light?