I have been wondering lately about the stuff that happens in my life.  Stuff that I cause, stuff that comes to me, stuff that happens around me, stuff that happens that I have no real connection to but I hear about…just basic stuff.    Life is full of stuff.  Man, it’s full.  I have a hard time processing it at times.

I have this guiding principle that “it’s all connected”.  Though some would appeal to “randomness” I don’t.  I think that the stuff of life is “all connected”.  You have to figure out how it’s connected.

The picture above is of the Mackinaw Bridge across Lake Michigan, it’s about 100 km south of where I grew up on the Canadian side.  The bridge is a monster, it’s over 8km long.  The construction project was a mammoth one in the early 60’s.    I don’t know exactly how much concrete was used in building the bridge but I do know that 75% of it is actually below the water line holding the structure together.  I regularly say to people that 75% of life is below the waterline–we don’t see it, but it holds the visible stuff in place.

So, my point is–as stuff happens, there is the stuff we see, but then there is underneath it all the stuff we don’t see that is hugely connected and immensely valuable.  Periodically I take time to pause and figure out what’s going on, looking not only at what I see, but also what I don’t see.

I don’t always get it right.  Because I can’t see it, measure it, touch it, or refine it doesn’t mean it’s not there.  It is.  I just have to work with it as best I can and understand all the life I am given.

In my world, that’s where “God” comes in.  I believe the ultimate Unseen is God.  He’s the piece that I have to understand if I am going to make sense of it all.  So, I “trust” Him.  Simple, but it’s true. ..because if you only have what you see in life, then life is pretty crazy.

What’s going on in your life above the waterline?  What do you think might be going on “below the waterline?”