I witnessed a pretty painful event last night.   I was at a public meeting and some hurt people lashed out against the source of their pain and wounded him pretty badly.  A number of people had hard hurt feelings towards their pastor so it was brought into the ring for him to see it, feel it, and receive it.  He didn’t fight back.  He just absorbed it.  It was kind of like George Foreman, Joe Frazier, and Sonny Liston and maybe 10 others all climbing into the ring and simultaneously beating up Muhammed Ali for the pain he had caused them.  Thirteen on one.

I think what troubled me most as a spectator was that deep inside myself I kept saying “this is wrong, this is wrong” but no words ever came out of my lips.

The forum was wrong.  The process was wrong.  The event was wrong.  And there was no referee to enforce the rules.  It was just a piling on…full of punches up, down and sideways.  It was supposed to be a reconciliation time but it felt more like a grudge match.   I didn’t feel very good at the end of the event.

I understand the event.  Some people had been hurt and now were given an opportunity to address their hurter.  Their pain was evident.  The adage “hurt people hurt people” was pretty evident.

I think we could have done better.