Everybody wants to be successful.  I really think they do.  They may not use the word “successful” but they do embrace the concept.  Someone might say “I just want to be happy” and for them, “success” is to be happy.  Somebody else might say “I just want to make my life count” and for them “success” is “making their life count”.  At the end of the day their success is directly connected to what they want in life.   Success is a very personal thing but it’s real.

So, what would success look like for you?  Think deeply with me…what do you really want in life?  That may be the hardest part of a successful life–coming to terms with what you are looking for.  For some it sounds so self-centred to talk about personal success.  Call it a to-do list then.  For some it is so hard to determine one’s success and it’s easier to let someone else determine it–we’ll just follow along behind.  That’s not only lazy, it’s foolish.  Each of us has to take care of his or her own life.   For some it sounds so daunting and long term.  How about setting the limits closer rather than farther?  What would make this next year a success for you?  Move the goal posts closer.    Once you figure out your target, well, the battle is half started and half finished.

Success is rarely a leap.  Usually it’s the culmination of steps in a forward direction though sometimes there are some side paths in the journey.  It’s deciding to step up rather than stand still.  It’s a commitment to movement rather than status quo.  And, day in–day out, you’ll be amazed at the progress you are making.    What steps do you think you might need to take this month to move you towards success for you?  Write them down.  Put them on a card and tape the card to your bathroom mirror.  Remind yourself regularly what progress looks like.

Here’s another thought–who can help you find success?  Rarely are there successful people who don’t have a host of people to thank for their accomplishments.  Who can you call on?  Conversely, who’s holding you back?  There’s no future if you surround yourself with the wrong people.  The Bible talks about that a lot…(Psalm 1 comes to mind).  As well, who’s success other than your own are you supposed to be part of?  Just as people help us, it goes with the territory that we are to help them.  Scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.

Here’s a really easy starting step…what would make today a successful day for you?  Got it? Then go ahead, take on the day and make success  out of it.