How many friends do you have?  Think about it for a moment.  Count them up.  Chances are you’ll come up with less than more.  Why?  Because a friend is a rare bird in the jungle of life. They are out there, but not on every tree and not in every clearing.  You know they are there but sometimes you have to look for them because like you, they are busy living their lives in their worlds.


1. can be trusted

2. understand you…they “get” you without much explanation.

3.  like to hang out with you

4.  get you talking and thinking and conversing

5.  do things with you

6.  contact you as much as you contact them

7. see your side in situations even if it means you and them against the world

8.  help you

9.  give you honest feedback letting you know when you are wrong if you ask them to tell you.

10.  love you.

So back to the original question, how many friends do you have?  Who considers you their friend?