For 23 years I served as a pastor in a church.  Since 2003 though I’ve moved to become a denominational leader.  Some things have changed in the past decade but some things have remained the same.  I write this post thinking particularly of pastors but there is truth for all of us.


Here are some thoughts—

1.  Church attendance goes in one of three directions in the summer:  it goes up, it goes down, or it stays the same.  None of the three have any real correspondence to your presence or absence.  Sorry about that.

2.  Not taking a vacation isn’t a step of faithfulness, it’s a step of foolishness.  We all need to sharpen the saw (thank you Stephen Covey).  Interestingly, times have changed.  What we used to recover from in a few days now takes a week: whereas 2 weeks seemed to be a long time it now takes 3 weeks to gain the same effect.  Go figure.

3.  Starting something new in the summer may be great or it may bomb.  A few years back I thought that since all small groups in our church ceased for the summer, we ought to have a mid week prayer meeting for all interested pray-ers.  (Was it guilt or God?).  I committed myself to being present for 8 summer Wednesdays.  Of the 8, on one time did anyone join me.  I enjoyed my solo-ness for 7 of the 8 evenings.  Smile.

4.  Summer is short and the older you get the shorter it becomes.  When I was six, summer lasted forever.  Now that I am closer to sixty it travels at sixty miles per hour.  A friend explained it that when you have a pile 80 feet high, losing a foot doesn’t matter.  But when the pile is only 20 feet high, losing a foot is noticeable.

5.  Some things are only done in summer, some are just better done in summer.  That’s my rational for ice cream.  It can be consumed year round, but boy it tastes better in July than in January.  How about camping?  How about swimming?  How about trekking?  How about wearing shorts and a tee shirt and sitting on a patio in the evenings?

Enjoy the late July season.  August is somewhat like July just a smaller version.  But after August it takes a dramatic turn into something called autumn.  That’s a horse of a different colour.