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The Barcelona Football Club (soccer team to the uninformed amongst us) was founded in 1899.  The second most valuable franchise in European soccer, it has an enviable competitive record over the last 50 years.  It has never been “relegated” out of its league since 1955.  Only 2 other soccer clubs can make such a claim.  Every season they perform at a championship level.

They have a catch phrase as their team slogan—”always trying to improve”.

You would think that a successful franchise with a huge history of championships, and key victories and seasons of domination over opponents would at some point let up, rest on laurels or simply say “”enough”.  Not this club.

It makes me wonder about my approach to life.  I always try to do my best in whatever endeavour I do.  Sometimes I amaze myself but there are times when “I don’t have it today”.   But in either case I always ask myself, “what could I do differently next time that would allow it to be a better endeavour?”  I wish I always executed  on my evaluation but I give myself credit for at least thinking about it.

There are times when you can’t or shouldn’t be thinking about next time.  For instance, right after a significant event.   I think it’s okay to enjoy the moment and simply rest in the exhilaration.  I ran a 10k road race last week with my daughter.   My time was abysmal.  But I knew it would be slow before I headed out.  I decided to “run my own race” and I did…I finished feeling relaxed, un-exhausted and incredibly satisfied.   Maybe I’ll think about running better next time, but I’ll wait a while before doing it.

How about your endeavours?