…freshly cut grass. I just finished cutting my lawn a few minutes ago and I am reveling in the aroma. I don’t think I’m the only person that reacts that way.  I’ve heard others make similar statements and I choose to believe they were speaking of their yards.

Open gates and driveway into a landscaped garden Stock Photo - 11712821

I thank God for my sense of smell.  It’s not acute but it can be so rich when it works (freshly baked bread, my wife’s perfume, the pleasant odour of an outdoor campfire…and the smell of freshly cut lawns).

I spent time this week with a pastor trying to help his congregation learn to worship well.  They are a great group but a little stiff and at times even reluctant to “experience God”.  They’ve learned to “not express” themselves thus he feels the walls go up when he invites them to do so.  They have tremendous hearts of love for each other, and phenomenal minds to enter into theological discussions about the nature of God, but never would you think that they were “enjoying” God.

So I encouraged him to “teach” them new behaviours.  Start with the simple and master the elementary stuff before inviting people to “jump into God’s open arms”.  (Trust me, 50 year long Baptists get nervous with that last statement).   We do need to experience God with our eyes, ears, hands, noses and hearts.

A good worship leader leads us to crawl, then walk, then run before we even think about “leaping”.