There are 52 Sundays a year (sometimes there are 53 but that’s rare).  Of that number 10-13 could legitimately be called a Summer Sunday.   Here is what characterizes a Summer Sunday for me—

1.  it’s warm and sunny (that’s what makes it summer-if it’s cold and rainy it’s disqualified).

2.  it’s a lazy start to the day.  Whether because it was a warm full day yesterday, or there is some cosmic relaxation in the universe, it’s not a day that jumps up quickly to get going.  It’s a slow starter.

3.  it involves people.  Whether it’s family, or simply the crowd at the park—Sunday is a people day.

4.  it involves outdoors–like a backyard bbq, a beach, a park, a patio but there is nothing like a slow dose of vitamin D from the yellow sunshine.

5.  badminton?  bocce?  frisbee golf?  leisurely conversation? a stroll along the path?  some movement but nothing too strenuous!

6.  inner musings…like gratitude, satisfaction, appreciation, fondness, renewal, affection.  There are usually some deep personal feelings.

We have Sundays all year long but we really need to have Summer Sundays.  In the days gone by it was called a “sabbath”.  That sounds religious because it is a religious word.  It’s a Hebrew meaning literally “rest”.   One day a week it asks us to cease running around and find “rest”.   It doesn’t mean “stop dead”, it means cease running around and find something restful.

An old pastor friend of mine used to say that the Sabbath was a “pray day and a play day”.  It needs both.  If you leave God out you’ll substitute something else.  It’s funny–as creatures designed to worship we will worship—something… But as creatures designed to renew we have a drive for personal renewal.