It’s late Sunday evening. We are sitting in Boston Pizza.  It’s been a long day and we haven’t had supper and we are in a strange town.  BP is pretty reliable as long as you stay away from the perogy pizza.  (Another story there). I was on best behaviour and ordered the Greek salad.

The server has been awesome.

We chat about her job, her school, her coworkers, her life outside of Boston Pizza.  After I have settled up the account I gain her permission to ask her two personal questions…she agrees.
1.  Are you spiritual?  her answer is so quick that it seems like she had it spring loaded on the tip of her tongue.  “Of course, very spiritual.  Life is so much more than just this place”.

2.  what do you do with your spirituality?  how do you exercise it?  “well, if you mean go to church–I don’t do that.  My family never was in to church going. So, yeah, basically, I don’t do a whole lot with it.”
I then went  a step further and told her I was a pastor by calling (though I don’t do it now.  I am a denominational leader.)  And I had noticed that her generation was dropping out more than it was dropping in to churches over the last decade.  She agreed.

Did she think there as anything I could do or should know about all that?  Her reply was really kind—“no, don’t worry about it.  It’s us–my generation needs to work this stuff out for ourselves.  We’ll figure it out eventually.  Leave it with us”.

I liked her and I liked her answers.  I hope she does “get around to it”.    But  I won’t lie to you.  I know me…I have a lot of things in life to get around to.   And I don’t think she’s much different than I am.  I hope she does, eventually.