A lot of us think Labour Day is the best, final long weekend of the summer and debate is open there.  We sometimes think we are supposed to think about our “work” and figure out how to celebrate it.  I don’t think Labour Day is about us–it’s about “them”.  The people that work, that allow life to work.

Buses wouldn’t run if there weren’t bus drivers to drive them.  At the same time, bus drivers wouldn’t have buses to drive if there weren’t maintenance people doing their work.  And, maintenance people wouldn’t have anything to do if there weren’t people in a sheet metal factory bending metal and adding value to it.

Groceries wouldn’t appear on my table if there weren’t grocery store workers to sell them.  I couldn’t transact the exchange if there weren’t a cashier to process my payment.  Ooops, last night I used a self check out counter.  Me bad.  But there wouldn’t have been a grocery store if there weren’t workers there stacking the shelves, nor people there to monitor the store.

Surgeries wouldn’t happen if surgeons weren’t there holding scalpels.  And surgeons would struggle were there not nurses providing help and assistance.  For that matter, surgeries would be far less successful were there not a cleaning staff setting up and sanitizing the operating theatre.

Come to think of it, churches wouldn’t function (nearly as well) if someone didn’t do some “work”.  Chances are you if you attended a church yesterday, someone had laboured to get things ready.  Maybe it was the pastor/s who prepared during the week.   Maybe it was volunteers who greeted you at the door, looked after your children, collected the offering, cleaned the sanctuary.  Not all work is “paid” but it takes a lot of work to address spiritual needs of individuals singly and congregations collectively.

Even God “works”.  The Book says on the seventh day “God ceased from His labours”.  You mean to tell me that God didn’t work on one day in that episode?  Yep, he worked 24-6 that week, not 24-7.

There are days when we love our work.  We’d do it for the sheer pleasure of doing it (okay, for some those days are fewer than others.  That is why you are “compensated”.  You are giving your life away, and the boss/owner is supposed to compensate you for your contribution of hours and energy.  Whether the compensation is equivalent to the investment is a topic for another day).

But there are also days when our work feels a lot like “work”.  On those days, you continue to deliver and because you do, life works.  Thank you.