I am home for this weekend.  I wouldn’t really want to be anywhere else.  It’s Thanksgiving in Canada and it’s one of those special weekends of the year.  Usually the weather is decent.  Fall colours are just awesome.  Usually family is involved (in our case 2 out of 3 daughters are travelling home to be with parents).  Usually there is turkey somewhere.  In our case it shows up on Sunday.  Monday involves a little outside recreation (usually a walk) and quite often there is a football game. 

Sandwiched into the weekend is Sunday morning in church.  I have a hunch that this Sunday he’ll be talking about “being thankful”.  Just a hunch mind you…he could be really different and say “bah humbug” to the calendar and do his own thing.  I hope he doesn’t though. 

But you know, it seems a little contrived to spend one hour on a given Sunday being reminded to be thank ful.  I like the idea of setting aside a long weekend though truth be told, being reminded for a weekend once a year seems a little contrived too,

Being thankful is a life task.  Something that we should always cultivate.  We are better human beings when we are thankful.  Thankful to God?  yes.  Thankful to each other?  yes.  Thankful to our parents or our spouses or our neighbours or our co-workers?  yes.  We are better people when we are thankful. 

Sometimes it requires skill and energy to find the thankful spot in our situations.  But it can be done.  The old line goes—“I was upset because I had no shoes, then I met a man with no feet.”