I went to church this morning fully expecting a “Thanksgiving” Talk, and the preacher didn’t talk about Thanksgiving.  The songs had a strong strain of “gratitude” in them.  The leader of the service encouraged us to think of things we are thankful for.  When the children were called forward to be sent to children’s church the leader asked one of the boys what he was thankful for.  But the preacher went a different direction.


He talked about being at peace with all men, as much as it lies within us.  He talked about peace, and how at times the goal is noble but the reality is less than achievable.  And then he talked about how  we have a responsibility to do our part, but if the one who has odds against us won’t do theirs–well?  what can we do?  We can only do what we do.

Then he talked about peace that comes from loving people and forgiving people and being reconciled to people.  He had a great line—“you can be right or you can be reconciled”.  If your goal is to be right, you just might be…but there is no guaranteeing reconciliation then.  Sometimes you have to stop worrying about who’s right, and who’s wrong…and instead focus on finding reconciliation.
Great sermon by the way.

I think there was a fair bit of tension going on in the congregation.  I am not there often enough to know exactly the source or the depth of it but I think he addressed the issue without naming names or burying people in the midst.

I know I am sometimes more worried about proving I am “right”.  Hmmm, I’ll be thinking about that for a while.