I was reading a friend’s blog post and read his statement musing around the question “why are we significant to God”?  He wasn’t doubting THAT we are significant he was just trying to understand the reason behind it.  Me?  I struggle in a different way.  For me, I struggle at times to believe THAT I am significant to God.

Here’s my struggle–as an adult, I make decisions based on adult realities.  I own possessions.  In as much as they are useful and valuable, I see them as significant.  For instance, I threw out my 8 track player a little while back.  Yeah, it just wasn’t significant to me any more.  I have friends and relationships and though I try not to, I know the people that are closest to me and the people I care most about are people who care about me and walk alongside me.  I have a friend from 30 years ago who lives in another city.  I am travelling to his city in the next while and recently sent him an email to see if we can get together.  I then left a message on his voice mail.  We haven’t seen each other in 3 decades.  He hasn’t responded.  I think that’s a signal that though there is interest in this, it’s not significant.

My point is that as a human, I often make decisions based on “quid pro quo”.  What’s in it for me?  How’s it working for me?  Is this going in a good direction?  If not, let’s change it.  I don’t think that my attitude is really too far off line.

But when it comes to God, the rules are different.  Though I understand the idea of His pleasure, and blessing, and His goodwill…and I understand how He can get ticked off, upset, even angry…there still is a chord in the symphony where He doesn’t seem to take into consideration how I treat Him and He still initiates attention toward me…even if I am inattentive to Him.  He still returns my calls though I haven’t been in touch with Him for a while.

If I were God, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be as gracious to me as He is to me.  Make sense?  I don’t deserve that kind of affection or attention.

I think the picture above has some value.  It shows the touch from parent to child.  I have three kids.  They are grown now.  Sometimes they neglect me…they are adults, married, with children, and busy lives.  And it doesn’t seem like they call all that often.  But I am their dad.  And I call them.  And I send them emails.  And I initiate contact to them in other ways.  Because they are my kids.  If God is our Father…I think I get a little bit of why He treats me as well as He does.  I just have to get my head round it…”that” He finds me significant in His world.